How to Characterize Vital Components of Fashion Jewelry in Indiana

Generally, you can distinguish fashion and fine jewelry by what materials the manufacturer uses. Fine jewelers make it difficult to tell when a piece is not the real thing. Crucial components to any fashion jewelry collection involve including all pieces and bringing together metals and stones to create the desired impression.

Fashion Jewelry Pieces

Choosing a necklace to adorn your costume or outfit offers you a lot of versatility. You can have simple sterling silver chains and simulated gems that appear as elaborate as rose gold or platinum, diamonds, and sapphires. Beaded pieces can look particularly ornate. Other options are layered necklaces with double or triple chains and stones or charms. Although your choker or pearl necklace may be the centerpiece of your accessories, the other pieces are essential to complete the polished look you want to achieve. When trying to complete your fashion jewelry collection, you cannot overlook the power of earrings. The beauty of costume jewelry is that it can be temporary with clip-on earrings. Fashion rings can be solitary or adorn every finger with one or more bands. You can also wear bangles in multiples or go all out on a single exquisite-looking bracelet with simulated rubies, emeralds, or diamonds.

  • Earrings – Studs, hoops, pearls, huggies, chandeliers, simulated diamonds, and other gems, drop
  • Bracelets – Cuffs, bangles, tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, ankle bracelets
  • Rings – Gemstone, solid gold (gold-plated, gold-filled), sterling silver, cubic zirconia


Materials can vary tremendously when you look at fashion jewelry from Indiana. Design fashion jewelry may incorporate some of the materials usually reserved for fine pieces.

  • Sterling silver
  • Precious metal plating or filling – Gold, silver, platinum
  • Metal alloy – Several combination possibilities of nickel, iron, copper, tin, aluminum, or brass
  • Leather
  • Textiles
  • Fabrics


Fashion jewelry in Indiana utilizes several stones and materials to imitate precious gems. Some costume jewels use genuine gemstones. They can either be faceted or cabochon with a dome top.

  • Opals (cat’s eye foiled cabochon) –
  • Glass – Margarita (scalloped), Austrian crystals, foiled (peacock), sapphirine (blue-brown), rhinestones
  • Plastic
  • Natural stones – Quartz, turquoise, onyx, amber
  • Synthetic gemstones – Rubies, citrine, sapphires, diamonds

Where to get Fashion Jewelry

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