Jul 28, 2015

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How to Change the Filter on an Air Conditioner in Sparks

When an Air Conditioner sucks in air to be treated, the air will first pass through a filter to remove unwanted material. If a filter is missing or dirty, it can significantly affect the functionality of the air conditioner in the Sparks area. It can also make household occupants sick. To have a filter that works right, it’s favorable to change an air conditioner’s filter once a month. This can be done more frequently when a person lives in an area with higher levels of air pollutants.

To change an air filter, locate the filter compartment. In a central air conditioner, this will typically be located in the return air duct or around the furnace. Place a hand in front of air ducts around the home. When a person finds one that appears to be sucking in air, the return air duct has been found. Remove the fasteners on the grille or register. A return air duct may also have insulation tape around the grille or register. Carefully remove this as well without damaged the adhesive. Place these two items to the side carefully as they will have to be replaced later.

Locate the filter and slowly slide it out. Try not to disturb the contents on either side of the filter. A person can use the measurements on the old filter to purchase the right filter. When these specifications are not visible, measure the length, width, and depth of the filter. When purchasing a new filter, ensure that it is the right kind to accommodate the needs of household occupants. Some filters offer extra filtration to remove allergens. Install the new filter. Replace any insulation and fasteners. Place the filter outside in a bag for disposal. When an air conditioner uses a reusable filter, clean this device outside with a garden hose and cloth.

Getting into a routine of changing filters will help prolong the useful life of an Air Conditioner in Sparks. It will also help cut down on expensive repair costs. For more information on AC services, talk to an expert at a company that handles residential and commercial services to make life easier for customers.

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