Apr 13, 2016

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How To Care For Your Wood Burning Stove Parts

A wood burning stove is one of the coziest ways to heat up your home in the winter. Nothing brings back warm childhood memories faster than the smell of a wood burning stove, and the sound of family. The best way to ensure that your wood burning stove runs well is to ensure that the wood burning stove parts are in good condition, which doesn’t happen without at least a bit of knowledge about your stove. Here are some tips on how to care for your wood burning stove parts this winter.

Keep The Glass Clean

One of the most neglected wood burning stove parts is the glass. Many people become focused on the internal parts, or the wood used in the stove itself, and forget to take care of the glass. Some stoves do come with an automatic clean feature, but even then it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the glass and remove any buildup of soot and ash with a solution approved by the manufacturer.

Watch the Ashpan

With repeated use, the ashpan is one of the first wood burning stove parts to require some form of maintenance. Be sure to wait until the stove is off, and cool, before removing the ashpan and emptying its contents. A buildup of ash will cause your grate to weaken and distort, quickly losing its shape and diminishing its capacity to function properly.

Clean the Throat Plate

Another oft-neglected one of your wood burning stove parts is the throat plate, or the baffle. Soot, ash, and other waste products can compile, making the stove less efficient and more dangerous. A significant build up will block the flue with flammable elements, causing a fire risk as well as decreased functionality. Experts recommend cleaning the throat plate at least once a week during heavy use.

Sweet Your Chimney

Creosote, soot, ash, and other waste products can accumulate in the chimney, creating a health hazard as well as demining the efficiency of your stove. Be sure to have your chimney swept by a reputable chimney sweep at least twice per year, and more frequently if you are facing a particularly long and cold winter.

Leave The Door Open

Whenever your wood burning stove is not in use, it’s a good idea to leave the door open, especially if it’s going to be unused for more than a few days in a row. This will help prevent corrosion, and will allow air to flow through the system uninterrupted by the stove’s operation.

For more tips on how to care for your wood burning stove parts, contact Buck Stove, Pool & Spa Service Sales at 1-800-472-6728.

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