Nov 14, 2017

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How to Care for Your HVAC If You Have Pets

How to Care for Your HVAC If You Have Pets

Having a pet is truly a blessing, but it comes with a lot of challenges! One issue that many pet owners may not be aware of is that their animal buddies can affect how their HVAC unit runs. The last thing you want is to have any issues with your system, as this can become quite costly. This is especially true when running your HVAC in Jacksonville, FL or other places where the temperature can really scorch!

Don’t worry, though. If you keep a few simple things in mind, you’ll keep your pets and your HVAC very happy.

Keep It Clean

Keeping a pet clean can be tough. Sometimes they get away from you! However, keeping your pet clean isn’t just essential for their health. It’s also essential for the health of your unit. The more pet dander and hair inside your home, the harder your unit has to work to keep up the air quality. Because of this, it’s also a good idea to vacuum and mop after your pets regularly.

Get Under the Hood

Because most pets shed, even if you meticulously wash and brush your pet, dander still may be an issue. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check your unit’s filter regularly. If it’s clogged, the efficiency of your machine may not be what it should be. You may notice this as a slow decline in the air quality in your home. Prevent this with good, frequent maintenance of your filter.

Filter Today, Gone Tomorrow

Another thing that may help the efficiency of your system’s filter is to ditch it! If you find yourself frequently noticing build up of pet hair in your filter or inefficient maintenance of air quality, you should seriously consider upgrading to a newer filter. Be sure that the new filter you choose specifically lists that it reduces pet dander. Also, if your HVAC is in Jacksonville, FL or another pollen prone locale, make sure it mentions that your new filter can handle that, too.

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