Aug 21, 2015

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How to Care for Poured Flooring in Your Home

How to Care for Poured Flooring in Your Home

Poured Flooring in a home offers homeowners a way to have a safe walking surface without grouting. Seamless floors lack joints that can hide dirt, dust, bacteria, and pet hair. These durable floors are easier to maintain than traditional flooring options. To maximize the useful life and appeal of this flooring in your home, follow a floor care routine. The following suggestions can be used for these tasks.

Although Poured Flooring does not have grout lines that allow bacteria to grow and allergens to hide, tiny particulates can still collect on the surface of the flooring. Sweep seamless floors daily. Most types of brooms are suitable for use on seamless floors. A vacuum can be used to remove particulates as well. Set the vacuum to the lowest level to extract as much material at possible. It’s preferable to use a hand attachment when using a vacuum.

Once or twice a week, sponge mop poured flooring. String mops are not recommended since they can leave a film on the surface of the floor. Use warm water and a household detergent of your choice. Ensure that the floor is rinsed with clear, warm water. Removing gritty particles will help reduce the chances of scratching the floor. Avoid using a detergent that has a higher concentration than indicated in the directions on the cleaning agent.

It’s essential to promptly remove grease and other stains that can become a permanent part of the flooring. It’s a good idea to inspect the flooring once a week to check for stains and marks. Remove these promptly. Some stains may need a special chemical to remove them. You may need to contact the manufacturer of the flooring to get further instructions. It’s also a good idea to test the surface of the flooring to see if a sealant needs to be added.

Because it’s necessary to have a durable walking surface in a home, many homeowners choose to install seamless flooring. To learn more about the different types or poured flooring, please talk to a professional at Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation. This business offers many types of seamless flooring including epoxies, urethanes, and acrylics.

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