Feb 15, 2019

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How to Care for Baby Teeth

How to Care for Baby Teeth

You may think that your child’s baby teeth are expendable because they will not last long. After all, you know that their adult teeth will come in eventually, and you may think that a few cavities or other issues with the baby teeth will not be meaningful. However, your Old Town Chicago Dentist will tell you that there are several reasons why you should care about baby teeth.

First, many of the baby teeth actually last for a quite a few years. Some of them may not even fall out until the pre-teen years. If they have to be pulled before they would naturally fall out due to disease, you are setting your child up for other problems, such as shifting teeth and bone loss in the jaw.

Second, cavities in the baby teeth can become quite severe if not addressed. If the cavity eventually extends deep enough into the tooth, it could lead to an infection because blood vessels run beneath and into the root of the tooth. If not addressed, these infections can be quite dangerous and extend throughout the body.

Third, your child needs baby teeth in order to speak, bite and chew correctly. When too many baby teeth are missing at one time, it is difficult if not impossible for the child to chew certain foods. Plus, healthy baby teeth help create a beautiful smile.

Although baby teeth do not last forever and will eventually be replaced by adult teeth, it is still vital that you help your child take care of these teeth well and that you teach growing children to take care of their teeth correctly. For further questions about baby teeth, check with your Old Town Chicago Dentist at Chicago Smile Design, found online at ChicagoSmileDesign.com.

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