Apr 15, 2014

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How To Buy Real Estate In Ames

Acquiring real estate in Ames is not as difficult as it may seem. The first step is to find the right property, which is achievable by discussing your options with a real estate agent. Your agent presents you with properties in target areas that offer a multitude of amenities. For example, some properties in subdivisions offer club memberships and on-site extras such as fitness centers and hair salons. To begin this process contact your preferred real estate agent today!

Buying Your Next Home
To begin this process, you select a property that matches your preferences. Your next step is to acquire financing. Some real estate agencies require that you pre-qualify for a mortgage with your lender. Your lender provides you with an estimated value which helps you choose a property in this price range.

Next, you are required to order an inspection of the property. This presents your lender with a report of any potential problems that exist within this property which the seller should repair. The inspector evaluates structural damage, electrical wiring, and plumbing systems. They ensure that they match the safety standards for each system. Any non-compliance with these standards is listed in the inspection report.

When negotiating with the seller, you can choose to perform these repairs yourself. However, the ultimate decision is your lender’s. They are investing in the property by providing you with the mortgage. By doing so, it is necessary for them to ensure that the property appraises for the same value in which the seller is requesting. If the repairs are minor, they may agree to allow you to perform them if the seller reduces the overall cost of the property.

Significant issues with wiring which could lead to fires do require the seller to order the repairs. In these instances, an additional inspection may be required. However, when this happens, the lender incurs the cost for this service. As a buyer, you are responsible for the first inspection, and you may choose your own inspector.

The closing requires you to present several documents. This includes insurance such as homeowners, flood, and any options associated with your intentions for the property. The attorney officiating the closing will explain the entire process to you and review the sales contract. Your real estate agent is present for this meeting as well as your lender. To review real estate in Ames you can Click Here to visit an agency.

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