Feb 26, 2013

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How to Become Licensed in Foster Care in Phoenix, AZ

There are thousands of children waiting for quality foster care in Phoenix, AZ. These children are waiting for loving families to take them in. A licensed agency in Arizona can help adults become licensed foster parents. The process is not difficult; it simply requires the assistance of a quality agency to ensure the process is followed correctly.

What Do Foster Parents Do?

Foster families or parents provide temporary homes and care for the children who are in need. It is not necessary to own your own home or be of a certain demographic. You simply need to be able to open your home and heart to a child or children and provide them with the loving care they are not receiving. Foster parents need to be able to handle these children in good times and in bad because most of them have been through difficulties in their lives and might have trouble functioning on an everyday basis.

The Process

In order to become licensed in foster care in Phoenix AZ, families need to undergo a particular process with a licensed agency. The process typically starts with an orientation to familiarize you with the process and inform you of everything being a foster family requires. After the orientation, an intake of your information, interview, fingerprinting and home study follow. This is all part of the process to ensure you have a solid background, the financial stability to take children in and your home is acceptable and has the space.


The basic qualifications require you are at least 21 years old, but you can be single or married. You cannot have a criminal record, need to have financial and emotional stability and be in good health. In addition, the ability to transport children around, take children in an emergency situation and the ability to commit to communicating with the birth family will be assessed.

It is not difficult to become licensed in foster care in Phoenix, AZ, as long as you follow the requirements and use a licensed agency to help you obtain the licensing. The thousands of children in foster care are waiting for a loving home, which is why agencies carefully screen applicants to ensure their ability to provide quality care for children who are in desperate need of families to love and care for them.

For more information about becoming licensed in foster care in Phoenix, AZ, visit A Place to Call Home online or call 1-480-456-0549.

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