May 13, 2013

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How to Become a Jazz Vocalist

Jazz is known for its relaxing, soothing, and rhythmic sounds. It is a type of music that is all about exploring one’s self. Surprisingly, it is a type of music that can be easily learned. There are a lot of aspiring jazz female vocalists who never truly realize their potential because they never take that chance to really explore their talents as a singer. To get started is easy, but to master it is difficult.

Know the Craft

The first step for any aspiring jazz female vocalists is to first attain knowledge of the music genre. It really requires a full immersion in the genre. This starts with studying the rich history to listening to all of the great jazz musicians. It also involves studying the different types of jazz music. A person really needs to think of jazz music as a language, hence the total immersion part.

Hone the Talent

Once an aspiring vocalist has attained as much knowledge about jazz as possible, the next step is for the person to try and explore her own talents. This includes understanding her vocal range and what kind of style makes her feel the most comfortable. With jazz, a person does not have to be the best vocalist of all time. The person just needs to be the best at maximizing the talents that she has. There is a big difference here.


After a person is comfortable her talents, the next step is to hire a jazz teacher. It is important to not only find a great teacher but to find a great teach that is also a great fit. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to learn from someone who either has no interest in teaching or just cannot teach the music in a way that is understandable to the jazz student.


The final step in becoming a jazz vocalist is to make a demo tape or CD and then just get out there and have some fun. The aspiring jazz vocalist just needs to start small and look for places to showcase her vocal talents to a smaller crowd until she becomes comfortable with performing in front of a live audience. As confidence grows so will the number of requests. Confidence plays such a huge role in the level of success of an aspiring jazz vocalist.

These are the basic steps that most people should take when they want to become a jazz vocalist. It truly is something that everyone can do. Just like with anything else in this world, it takes a lot of hard work and effort in order to become successful as a jazz vocalist and a successful career will not just happen overnight either.

Sylvia Brooks is a Florida native who comes from a rich history of music. Female vocalists like Sylvia Brooks combine their warmth and charm with absolute song clarity. She drew her musical inspiration from her father who was a jazz musician and her mother who was a trained opera singer.

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