Jun 5, 2014

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How to Avoid Clogged Drains in Cedar Rapids IA

Clogged drains of any kind can prove to be a great nuisance. This is because of the filth, the unhygienic situation, the odor and the expense from needing a plumber’s services often. However, every bad situation can be prevented in one way or another. Taking good care of your drains saves you a lot of stress. Also, it saves you the expense that comes with clogged drains. Most people do not care about maintaining their drainage until the drains get clogged. Preventing clogged drains is easier than fixing them. Below are some of the tips of how you can prevent Clogged Drains in Cedar Rapids IA.

Use hot water

In kitchen sinks, you can avoid building up of grease and hard water deposits by running hot water through the drains. A better and more efficient method would be by first putting in a cup of baking powder followed by a cup of vinegar then pour very hot water. This always does the trick and leaves your sink smelling fresh.

Check your bath tab

While taking a bath, a lot of dirt might build up on your bathtub stopper. Things like hairs, small particles of soap and body oils might build up, and if not taken care of every 2 to 3 months, they might cause a clog. One is also advised to once in a while fill the tub with water, ½ to ¾ full, with a stopper on. Then pull out the stopper and allow the water to drain. The force which the water drains with also drains away any clogs that might be forming.

Do regular maintenance

As hard as you might try to prevent any clogs from occurring, it would also be best if you allowed professional help to check if all is well. A plumber will ensure that all your drainage pipes are working properly and ensure that any clog that could be forming is dealt with.

Flush the flushable

Most toilets clog because some things which are not properly dissolved are flushed down the toilet. It is advisable that you flush things which can properly disintegrate and are indicated as flushable. Click here for more details.

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