How to Alleviate Lower Back Pain in Sun City With Stem Cell Therapy

Chronic back pain prevents you from working and doing the things you love. There are several reasons why people develop lower back pain. You can strain your back from heavy lifting or an awkward move. If conventional treatments are not sufficient, then maybe it is time to take a new approach. Read on to find out how stem cell therapy in Sun City, AZ, can alleviate your pain.

Regenerate and Repair

Stem cells are a part of your body’s internal repair system. They look for degeneration and damage in the body. The stem cells receive signals from other cells, and they work to regenerate the damaged tissues. Stem cell therapy treatment in Sun City, AZ, has been shown to help repair tendons, cartilage, and muscle.

Alternative to Surgery

This treatment approach provides an invasive procedure for treating low back pain. Some lower back pain patients do not always want to have surgery. Regenerative medicine uses specialized fluids and body cells. It re-injects your bone marrow back into your body to repair damaged tissues. The bone marrow has an abundance of stem cells.

Alternative to Narcotic Drugs

If you are not fond of taking narcotics medication, then stem cell treatment is an alternative. This treatment allows the joint to heal using your internal repair system naturally. Chronic lower back pain can last from a few months to years. People with this condition often have damage or degeneration to their discs.

When you are experiencing pain, it always helps to explore the different treatment options. You should contact your doctor today to find a solution.

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