Aug 21, 2017

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How Third Party Logistics Companies Support Carriers

Carriers often find themselves struggling with their brokers. There are increasing demands for faster and faster shipping and constant struggles with reduced pricing. Yet, you know that you need to keep the service available even when your broker is not the ideal solution. One way that some carriers are moving forward and away from these less than ideal circumstances is by working with third party logistics companies. These organizations provide the one-on-one support your company needs without all of the hassles that typically go with the process. How can working with these organizations help your company?

How You Can See Improvement

Third party logistics companies are often highly skilled and excellent organizations that step in between the complications that many carriers face. Some of the best companies work closely with carriers to ensure that every transaction goes well. Specifically, some of the best get rid of the most troublesome of concerns in carrier and broker engagements.

For example, a key pain point is often payment. Brokers are often late, sighting complications down the road. Many times, their rates are less than clear, leaving carriers with an unsure outcome to any project they take on. And, they are rarely available to answer questions, give direction, or support the effort, unless of course there is a problem. These are the types of concerning factors that make relationships between carriers and brokers so difficult.

It does not have to be like that. With the help of third party logistics companies, you will receive the one on one care and support you need going forward. As a carrier, you get the support you need, and even the on-time payments and clear fee schedule that is clear and promised. Sometimes, working with less stress is a good thing.

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