Feb 21, 2014

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How Solar Powered Dock Lights Can Improve Your Security

Taking your boat out at night can be substantially safer if you have the proper lighting at your dock. With solar powered dock lights, you can ensure that your dock is always lit at night when you need it. Being able to clearly see your dock from a distance at night can make it safer to take it out in the evening. Good dock lights will enable you to use your boat whenever you like without worrying about bringing it in by dusk.

Motion sensors serve as a deterrent to would-be vandals that find their way to your dock. Solar powered motion lights turn on and stay on for 60 seconds when movement is detected. On a full charge, these lights can go through the cycle up to 100 times. With all of your lights shining on them, bringing attention to the activity on your dock, you are less likely to be a victim of theft or vandalism.

Because they are powered by the sun, you won’t need to hire an electrician to install additional wiring on your dock to add lights for security. A complete dock light system, including recessed lights and motion sensors is an inexpensive way to add security to your dock and keep your family safe when you are out on your boat at night. Your only costs are the initial investment in the lights because they don’t need any electrical power to operate.

The solar panel collects energy from the sun during the day and uses it to power your lights overnight. As long as you have direct sunlight on your dock, you can use Solar Powered Dock Lights. A good system only needs to charge for six hours to provide light from dusk to dawn. The accent lighting is also perfect if you use your dock for occasional entertaining.

Touchscape Accent Lighting offers lighting options for your walkway, stairway and deck. Where ever you can benefit from illuminating the area so it is easier to see and move around safely, you can add solar lighting. Providing light to your landscape or dock can keep intruders away and allow you to entertain outdoors into the evening hours.


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