Apr 3, 2014

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How Self-Piercing Screws Work

In most cases, using screws requires you to predrill holes in the material to guide the screws and reduce the chance of breaking the material or the screws. However, this can create a lot of extra work for individuals. The use of self-piercing screws can reduce the amount of work it takes to insert them, allowing you to complete jobs more efficiently.

No Drilling Necessary

These screws are most often used with thin metal. Their sharp points are similar to that which can be found on tapping screws, but it is much sharper, allowing you to insert the screws without having to drill holes first. The screws will pierce the thin metal on their own, creating a tighter fit that is less likely to move. This can save you time because you won’t have to spend the time finding the right drill size or completing the actual drilling.

A Secure Fit

When self-piercing screws enter the metal, they only sheer away the area through which the threads must pass. This ensures a solid fit for the screw so it doesn’t become loose over time. In some situations, drilling holes before you insert screws can result in a hole that is too large to properly accommodate the screws. This type of screw eliminates that possibility.

Ideal for Harder Materials

Because of the nature of these screws, they are more often used with harder materials, such as stones and metals. Wood, for example, does not require this type of screw. Harder materials have less give and are more likely to break as a screw is inserted. The use of these sharp screws will reduce the risks and provide a clean entry without damaging the materials.

Self-piercing screws have a wide variety of uses and don’t require additional work to insert them into materials. Understanding how these screws work can help you determine if they are the right choice for your needs. If you will be inserting screws into metal, stone or other hard materials, these screws are a great option because they don’t require predrilling and provide a secure fit that lasts.

ete jobs more efficiently.

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