How Sauce Adds the Flavor in Carolina BBQ in Wilmington, NC

The origins of American barbecue travel along the Eastern coastline stretch from North Carolina south through the Florida panhandle. Zora Neale Hurston gives credit to the Arawak people for the induction of the slow cooking of meat. Since 1748, Americans have developed different flavor profiles to complement barbecue chicken wings in South Carolina and smoked meats.

Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Sauce

Many modern sauces contain tomatoes. Eastern Northern Carolina has a spicy and acidic African flavor profile regarding BBQ sauce in North Carolina. This sauce does not contain any tomatoes; instead has more of a tart taste. On the other hand, bbq sauce North Carolina includes a combination of vinegar, water, and spices like hot sauce, crushed red pepper, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. It is usually a watery, thin sauce used for basting pork while cooking over open flames.

Lexington-Style BBQ

When Kraft Heinz put Heinz ketchup on the market in 1876, it changed the taste of barbecue sauce. Lexington, North Carolina is considered the Barbecue Capital of the World, where they use ketchup in the sauce. The sauce is still vinegar-based, but has a red color from the ketchup.

South Carolina-Style Mustard Sauce

South Carolinians share similar techniques when it comes to barbecue sauce. The barbecue Sauce South Carolina is yellow and is often called mustard-based Carolina Gold. When German immigrants settled in South Carolina, they bought along mustard. Eventually, mustard became an important ingredient in barbecue Sauce South Carolina along with vinegar and other spices. Mustard sauce adds additional flavor to barbecue chicken wings South Carolina, pulled pork, and ribs.

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