How Ridgefield, CT Landscapers Can Help You Make the Right Decision

In much the same way your living room is for entertaining and your bedroom is your ‘escape’, your front and back yard serve a purpose as well; they’re your outdoor oasis. There are certain yard additions which offer great return on your investment, and some which are not so worthwhile.

A storage shed or fancy gazebo may not add as much value to your property as a small pond or in-ground pool, and you should always consider your lifestyle when deciding upon your next outdoor project. If you like to host outdoor picnics during the summer, a wooden deck is a good place to start; if you like quiet dining, you are probably better off putting up a patio. Avid readers will benefit from a pond or waterfall installation, and swimming pools are great for the entire family. Do not do a project just because it is trendy, unless it is a good match for your lifestyle or you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Getting ready for the future involves more than getting the most value for your dollar. A prime example is the above ground swimming pool; if you have kids, they are likely to lobby you for a backyard pool, and spending more on the installation will make the pool last longer, but your kids will leave the nest eventually and your priorities will change. Instead, take that money and replace the pool with a patio once the kids are gone.

Landscaping maintenance and care are about more than value. You have many options when it comes to planting or removing trees and plants; some of those options can save you a significant amount of money while still giving you the same effect. Rather than replacing your topsoil, it can often be revitalized for a much lower price. Before making concrete plans, be sure to ask your Ridgefield, CT Landscapers the right questions.

When you are hiring a lawn service, it is important to find a reliable one like Exteriors, Inc., but it is also wise to get competitive quotes. Most companies create service ‘packages’ to trim operating costs and those packages vary from company to company. Finding the perfect package for your yard can help you make the right choice.

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