May 20, 2014

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How Researchers Determine How To Use Melanotan In Experiments

If you remember back to middle and high school chemistry or science classes you may recall some of your science experiment methodology teaching. In all scientific research, especially with new peptides like Melanotan, the scientists start out with a hypothesis or an assumption about how the analog works. Then, with careful planning and based on current best knowledge, they design an experiment to prove or disprove that assumption. One of the things that researchers have to determine in the course of that process is how to use Melanotan to get the desired results.

Forms of Melanotan

For research purposes determining the best form of Melanotan is just as important as how to use Melanotan. To preserve the peptide in the best possible form it is processed through a freeze drying process that creates a powder. This is an inert form that is easy to store in cool, dry conditions. It is kept in the lab in sealed vials and only re-hydrated when needed.

When determining how to use Melanotan in lab experiments the researchers is reconstituted or rehydrated using bacteriostatic water. This is a simple process and the peptide mixes easily.

Different Use Options

When researchers are trying to determine how to use Melanotan in experiments a big consideration is the structure of the experiment itself. For live animal research, known as in vivo research, the Melanotan may be injected directly in the tissue and then tests performed to check if levels of specific compounds, pigments, or changes occur at a cellular level. In some experiments that are testing the most effective use of the peptide different groups of animals may be tested with different options.

Nasal sprays or inhalers may be used to test the difference in the cells or in specific organs and tissues in the body of the lab animal based on comparison to injected forms. These types of comparison experiments are very common in standard scientific research.

For in vivo, or strictly cell types of experiments, determining how to use Melanotan can be even more challenging. In these situations a carrier may have to be used to allow the Melatonin to bind with the cells outside of the body to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

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