Feb 15, 2016

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How Puppy Training in Chicago Is Creating Better Dog Citizens

How Puppy Training in Chicago Is Creating Better Dog Citizens

There are few things that are more fun than bringing home a new puppy. However, without obedience training, a cute bundle of fur can become an annoying nuisance within months. That is why many area residents consider expert puppy training in Chicago essential. They depend on professionals like Chicago Canine Academy to turn rowdy young dogs into model citizens with the manners to blend seamlessly into any situation.

Early Training Is Easiest

Pups as young as 7-14 weeks old can be trained because dogs are at their most teachable when very young. They are also at their most energetic and think of humans as big littermates. Their natural instincts are to roughhouse, chew, and bite. They will not naturally outgrow this behavior. However, early Puppy Training in Chicago can get them started on the right paw. Professionals use a variety of methods to teach and reinforce good behavior and will explain their techniques to clients. In addition, when dog owners Visit Chicago Canine Academy, experienced trainers show them their facilities and offer a variety of programs.

Trained Puppies Are Better Citizens

Unfortunately, untrained pups often grow into uncontrollable adults that have to live outdoors or even be given away. The problem is easily prevented with early training. Specialists teach young dogs how to obey a range of commands and help them get comfortable with leashes and collars. Most classes work to prevent bad behavior before it becomes destructive. Puppy training also socializes animals, since they are typically in classes with other pets and owners. That is important because it makes puppies comfortable with strangers, family members, and other dogs. Socialized pets are less likely to nip out of fear.

Professional Training Teaches Owners

Owners benefit from training classes because they learn how to motivate their dogs as well as the best training and care methods. They leave classes knowing commands that allow their dogs to safely run without their leashes, play with other animals and travel safely. Obedient puppies have more freedom and blend into families easily.

Dogs can and should be professionally trained when they are very young. Puppies learn quickly, and experts can quickly teach them how to be obedient and comfortable in a variety of situations. It is easy for owners to travel with trained pups, who can be trusted to run freely, travel in cars and stay home without destroying property.

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