Jan 24, 2014

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How Prophetic Readings Differ from Psychic Predictions

It is during the most difficult times in our lives that we seek guidance. There are many issues that can arise that can make life more difficult. You can be facing the terrible stress and hardship of financial issues and you fear everyday about losing your home or even being able to put food on the table. You might be in pain and suffering from grief due to the loss of a loved one. Relationships with your spouse can be under stress and you might doubt if you should be together. You may also be under stress due to strain in your relationship with your children. Even your job and career could be causing you to question your place in the world. All of these challenges may lead you to ask for guidance yet you might not be certain where best that guidance should be sought. If you are considering seeking guidance here are the differences between psychic prediction and prophetic readings to help you choose the one suited to your needs.

The Future
Many people desire to know the future in order to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. They will often turn to psychics to help tell them what is in store. However, this can often add to your stress and confusion if you are told something that does not make sense or worse that sounds even more foreboding than the stress you are faced with currently. A prophetic reading with someone such as Bishop E Bernard Jordan is not foretelling the future. Instead it focuses on God’s purpose for you and offers comfort and support dealing specifically with your concerns and challenges.

Spiritual Insight
When you speak with a psychic they will provide you with visions of the future that are non-specific and may not prove to be very helpful. A prophetic reading is performed by someone who is working with God to help guide you on your journey. A prophetic reading with someone such as Bishop E Bernard Jordan will offer you spiritual insight. This will help you strengthen your resolve and use God’s love to support you while you pursue the path that allows you to walk confidently and happily with God by your side.

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