How Pre-Planning With Funeral Homes in Prairie Village KS Can Make The Process Easier

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but the process of letting go can be made a bit less stressful when thought is put into pre-planning before the end time comes. It may seem like a morbid topic to some, but truly, it’s the practical way to do things. By talking to a pre-planning specialist who works in one of the Funeral Homes in Prairie Village KS, you’ll know how much money to allot and what options are available.


By pre-planning your funeral, individuals take the burden off family members and shoulder the responsibility themselves. But more than that, they can plan the type of service they prefer and follow the budget they feel most comfortable with. This also allows any life insurance or death benefits to go to the family and not the funeral home. Funeral Homes in Prairie Village KS have staff on site to assist with all aspects of the funeral and burial, walking you through the selection and payment of a casket, urn, and service details. Now, the family members won’t have to wonder, “What would he have wanted?” as you’ll have provided them a complete blueprint and taken care of the costs already.


One question that comes up early in the planning process is where you’ll have your remains placed. Think to yourself, would it be better to go with a perpetual care cemetery and headstone or perhaps a cremation with the urn or scattering service. Cremations are often less expensive than a traditional burial but can be combined with ashes buried instead of scattered or kept. The decision is up to you.


One advantage of pre-planning, and thus pre-paying, is locking in the charges at today’s rates as opposed to what the costs will be potentially 10-15 years from now when costs rise. It can all be paid in one lump sum, or payment arrangements can be made to pay over time. Know ahead of time what your money is going to. Is it for physical goods like the tombstone, coffin or urn, or on the other hand, is it for the service?

By taking care of these details ahead of time, you have control over the type of final service you will be sent off with. For more information, talk to the experts at Amos Family Funeral Home & Crematory,

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