How Often Should You Get Truck and Trailer Repair Service in York, PA?

Linehaul trucks and other commercial vehicles require a little more maintenance than the average automobile. Your truck and trailer may require more than an annual inspection.

Regular Oil Changes and Filter Inspections

Depending on the age of the truck or trailer, you may only need to change the oil every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Newer trucks and better oil allow vehicles to go longer without an oil change. However, if you want to ensure that your engine continues to run optimally, you may want to schedule truck and trailer repair service and get an oil change after 10,000 miles.

By changing your oil more frequently, you may not wear the engine as quickly. Regular truck and trailer repair service in York, PA may save you money by avoiding more costly repairs.

Complete Inspection and Truck Servicing

Along with an oil change, your trucks will require thorough inspections to check the brakes, transmission, and other components. Typically, drivers are recommended to bring their vehicle in for service once a year. For your trucks or semis, you may need to schedule truck and trailer repair service every two to four months.

The frequency of full-service inspections depends on several factors. You need to consider how often the truck is used, the time of year, and the location.

In harsh environments such as extreme cold or hot temperatures, your truck may experience additional stress. Trucks are also often used for an extended period, racking up a thousand miles over several days in some cases.

Visit us for the complete inspection, servicing, and repair of your truck or trailer. In addition to preventative maintenance, you can receive recommendations for the frequency of your inspections based on the specific application of your vehicles.

Trucks and trailers receive a lot more use than the average vehicle and often carry heavy payloads. These issues may lead to the need for frequent servicing and repairs. Stay on top of these issues if you want to maintain your trucks and trailers.


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