How Off-Campus Housing Can Prepare You for Life in Bellingham

There are many advantages to choosing off-campus living instead of staying in the dorm. However, there is one benefit that far outweighs the others for those who opt for living in student apartments near Western Washington University. That is the independence and life experience that this option provides. Here are a few ways that off-campus apartments will prepare you for life after graduation.

Flexible Lease Options
When you sign your lease for student housing, you can sign for a term that will last just as long as the semester. However, you also have the option of signing a longer lease. While this represents a bigger financial commitment, it provides more convenience for those who intend to stay in their apartment year-round.

Meet Monthly Obligations
When staying in a dorm, you would pay one upfront fee that would include your dorm room, use of utilities, and other necessities. However, student housing provides a more traditional experience in which you’ll be responsible for paying some of your own utilities. You’ll also have to buy groceries to make your own meals and pay for laundry services. This experience can get you acclimated to living on your own after college.

Gain a Better Understanding of the City
When you live in student apartments near Western Washington University, you’ll also have more opportunities to explore the city. A college campus is almost a self-contained city of its own, providing the resources that their full-time students need in their daily lives. As you live in off-campus housing, you can decide for yourself where to shop, dine, or meet others in the community. Off-campus living provides a more well-rounded experience for those new to the city.

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