Feb 5, 2018

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How Much Does It Cost to Restore Terrazzo Floors

Many types of hard flooring can be restored – hardwood, natural stone, tile and the like, for instance. The same applies to terrazzo floors. However, the process, timeline and costs involved vary radically from one flooring type to another. What should you know about terrazzo restoration cost and process? Let’s walk you through some of what you’ll need to know.

Why Restore?

Why should you consider restoring your terrazzo flooring, rather than replacing it with something else, or covering it up with carpet or vinyl? Actually, there are quite a few reasons. One of those is that terrazzo is a green flooring option, and doesn’t release harmful chemicals the way that carpet and vinyl do. You’ll also end up saving money by restoring the floor rather than going with a new installation.

Of course, there are other benefits here, as well. For instance, you can densify existing terrazzo to make it stronger and even more durable. A quick diamond polishing and you’ll have a long-lasting floor that looks amazing for a very long time.

What’s the Restoration Process?

The restoration process will vary depending on several different factors. In most cases, it will involve the removal of the flooring placed over the top of the terrazzo. It will also involve diamond polishing to bring back the natural shine and beauty of the original floor. Densification is a possible step, but this will only be done if necessary. Repair work may also be needed to eliminate chips and cracks in the old flooring before the restoration process is complete.

How Much Does Terrazzo Restoration Cost?

So, how much will terrazzo restoration cost you, ultimately? That is difficult to determine since there are so many variables. Generally, it comes down to between $2 and $5 per square foot. However, that will change if you opt for a different polishing process, if there is a need to address subfloor subsidence, and other factors. Perhaps the best option is to work with a professional who can give you an accurate estimate based on your specific floor and your goals.

At Trend Terrazzo, we take pride in creating durable, long-lasting floors that offer beauty and utility for residential needs, commercial locations, and many other uses. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about terrazzo flooring and why it is such a beneficial option.

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