How Mobile Applications on Tablets Are Changing Face to Face Sales

Since the development of tablets and laptops and applications for these devices, it has been easier and easier for many businesses to reach more customers. Not only are there pop-up ads in-game apps that people play, but there are also sales applications businesses can use in the course of face-to-face sales. If you have sales representatives on the road trying to sell your products, a mobile sales application loaded to a company-owned tablet can make all the difference in whether your reps make a sale or don’t. Here are some more ways that mobile sales applications are changing the face of traveling business sales.

Pre-loaded Sales Presentations

Sales pitches are created and loaded directly into your mobile sales app. Your sales representatives can adlib a little and add their own flair, but most of the sales pitch they need to learn and use is already there. They never need to “cold-sell” and come up with their own pitches. It also helps you determine when and where certain sales pitches are working or not working, and change them out for different pitches.

Interactive Screens

The reps can use interactive screens to turn products 360 degrees so that potential consumers can see exactly what they are getting. If you add lights and sound to these interactive product screens, it really brings a full-scale product into the room without the sales rep having the haul or drag a product into the meeting. This is especially helpful if you sell really enormous items like industrial generators or commercial boilers.

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