How Many Different Forms Can a Botanical Extraction Machine Take?

A botanical extraction machine is a crucial piece of equipment for any company that is looking to spend time working with plants. They are important backbones of the cannabis, perfume, and aromatherapy industries, among others.

If you are a business in one of those fields, you probably want one of these machines for your factory. However, there are several different types of extraction machines for botanicals out there. Here is a quick guide to the few different forms that these machines can take.

Differences by Extraction Technique

The average botanical extraction machine falls into one of two categories: it’s either a closed loop extraction machine or an open loop extraction machine. In the first kind, the extraction process happens in a closed chamber with no interference from other glasses, while in the second, the interaction happens out in the open.

More and more manufacturers are switching to closed loop systems because they leave fewer traces of solvents behind.

Differences by Solvent

Most botanical extraction machines use solvents to separate plant compounds from other byproducts. There are a few different solvents that you can use, such as butane, propane, and some even now use CO2.

Differences by Size

If you need a botanical extraction machine for your business, then you should check which size you need first. Commercial extraction machines can usually handle 5-20 liters of extraction material. Larger industrial strength machines can handle up to 50 liters of material. They also differ in terms of their flow rate.

Which type of extraction machine you should get will ultimately depend on the needs of your business.

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