Sep 26, 2018

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How Long You Can Expect Your Transmission to Last

How Long You Can Expect Your Transmission to Last

If you are thinking about purchasing automatic transmission rebuild kits, you probably want to have an idea of how long a transmission usually lasts. The unfortunate reality is that there is no easy answer to this question. Everything from the build quality to the amount of maintenance you do affects the lifespan. Heat and lubrication also play a part, along with several other things. However, in the end, maintenance is where you can make a difference on your own.

Engine & Transmission Parts

Your transmission is connected to all sorts of other parts including the chassis, engine, electronic system, cooling system, and differentials. If one of these parts has an issue, it can lead to problems with your transmission as well. Beyond that, all of the many parts within the transmission can malfunction or break. There are pumps, gears, pressure switch, brakes, electronics, and hydraulic circuits. The sheer complexity of your transmission means it is one of the most difficult components to work on for many auto technicians. To know more, click here.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions

If you drive a manual, there is less maintenance you need to worry about. However, the same problems can happen that occur to the automatic. Both of them can break down due to mechanic problems, both need proper lubricants, and both can be pushed too hard and die under pressure. The biggest difference between the two is how they shift.

With an automatic, shifting is done automatically using a hydraulic circuit with fluid and pressure that work to release and apply clutches when certain inputs come in. Manuals do all the same things, However, there is a manual input from the driver to shift the gear. It doesn’t matter what type you have; maintenance does matter.

Proper Maintenance Tasks

The largest maintenance task you have with a transmission is changing the transmission fluid on a regular basis. Also, you will want to check your fluid levels periodically to ensure everything is working the way it should be. It is also important to listen for strange noise and pay attention to odd odors while you are using your vehicle.

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