How Long Does Gold Plating Last?

If you want an item made of gold, why not have it plated? You may ask yourself, how long does gold plating last? An easy answer to this question can be challenging to provide because every surface is different, and it’s much more challenging to determine how long it lasts.

Determining How Long Does Gold Plating Last

In some cases, gold plating is a process applied to an existing item. Gold plating services can be provided for precious metals and certain alloys of copper or aluminum. Gold itself is too soft a metal to serve as a functional plate on another metal, which means that a copper or aluminum alloy must be used instead. Gold plating is usually applied to items using a method called electroplating. Gold plating services may offer gold-plated products, but the period will depend on what it’s being used for and how often it’s handled or worn.

Steps You Can Do to Extend the Life of a Gold-Plated Product

If you want to extend the life of your gold-plated products, consider these simple steps:

-Avoid contact with water and especially salt water as much as possible

-Clean your item often to make sure that it’s not picking up grime or dirt

-Store the item in a cool, dry place

-Regularly check for any scratches or nicks on the gold plating and have those repaired as quickly as you can.


Gold plating should last for a couple of years, and the lifespan of your product depends on what kind of environment it’s being used in and how well you take care of those items. Gold-plated items are not immune to damage or scratches, which can be expected to shorten the item’s lifespan even more. Gold plating itself is very resistant to corrosion, but it does have its limits. Gold-plated products are often made with other metals that may corrode or rust over time without proper care and regular cleaning.

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