Jan 30, 2015

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How Hot Weather Can Affect Refrigeration

Refrigeration is an important tool for maintaining the quality of the various items that require exceptionally cool, but not freezing, temperatures. One of the primary tools of refrigeration is the coils which can help maintain your temperatures within the levels you require. One of the harder aspects about these coils is making sure they are powerful enough to hold up to hot climates, such as those in California or Arizona.

When purchasing a new coil you should seriously consider the summer months as well as the size of the unit you’re trying to keep cool. If your coil is too small then you won’t produce enough BTUs to keep your refrigeration unit cold enough, and if they’re too big then you could just be wasting energy.

The Coils Are Important

Designing a refrigeration unit can take a bit of a balancing act. You need to consider a lot of various aspects about the system before you can get it all put together. For now let’s discuss the coils. It was mentioned earlier that the coils help maintain your temperature and if they’re too big or too small how they can affect your system. Choosing the right refrigeration coils for California’s weather requires that they be big enough to keep your system cool enough for the hot weather months.

When the weather gets warmer the refrigerator needs to work harder to keep your temperature set to the level you desire it. In this situation if your coil is too small then it can lead to it working much harder than it should. This can lead to the coils burning out sooner. However, if it is slightly high than the coils won’t need to work as hard during the summer months and will keep your temperatures to level without taking any undue burden or stress.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Coils

This all might sound complicated and highly technical but it isn’t something you could feel intimidated by. Once you’ve got a good idea what the weather is going to be like in your area then you’ll be able to convey to the people designing your refrigeration unit. The weather is one of the most important factors in addition to the size of your refrigeration unit to keep in mind when speaking with your refrigeration specialist. So, don’t be nervous. Just tell them exactly the conditions you’re working with and they’ll work with you to get the unit parts that you need. Go to the site tkswalk-in.com for more information.

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