Feb 13, 2017

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How Homeowners Associations Benefit from Utility Submetering

How Homeowners Associations Benefit from Utility Submetering

Should you approach any homeowner’s associations and ask about their largest problems, they will probably suggest that managing utility costs is one of the most difficult aspects for their association. By installing a system of utility submetering, the associations can manage utility prices while assessing how to reduce both consumption and wastage.

What is utility submetering?

Useful for a homeowners’ association, condominium association, property management firm or landlord with several individual rented rooms within one property, utility submetering allows any multi-used property to provide individual bills for each occupier as their separate utility usage can be measured, even though one supply of water, gas or electricity, enters the property.

Submetering also allows specific equipment to be monitored within a building. This may apply to lighting, both indoors and outdoors, HVAC systems, refrigeration or anything else that requires close management.

By providing the building or facility management with the ability to assess the amount of energy used and the ongoing performance of their equipment, they are able to assess where energy is being overused and plan in the future for any savings against capital disbursement.

Individual Leaks Observed

By using the latest in modern technology, utility submetering provides information that is individual to each unit within the property. Where there is an excess of waste, leakage or fraudulent use, the property management or owners can help both the environment and the bills for the individual users.

In the past, where one or more individuals consistently wasted water or other utilities, the bill arrived for the entire property and would be divided among the individuals owning or renting within the property. This ensured that an entirely unfavourable system was in operation. By making the most of utility submetering, everyone will be responsible for their own waste of energy supplies. Where they know they have a leak and fail to resolve the issue, the bill will be theirs alone and not shared amongst the other occupants.

Where the property is regularly rented for vacation periods, it is easy for the management to see who is responsible and consider how they are going to bill vacationers in the future. This system specifically shows who is wasting water unnecessarily and causing a problem for the greater environmental problems.

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