Jan 9, 2015

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How Home Alarm Systems Function

home-securityReal estate agents love to list a home with an alarm system installed; those looking to purchase a new home find this quality very appealing, as safety is a top priority for many people. When one of the security companies in Chicago has their system installed the agent has more than just a house to sell, he has the added bonus of being able to sell peace of mind. It is not really the complexity of the system, and they can be very complex, it is the simple fact that the home is seen by unwanted intruders as being a more difficult target.

If the new home you are contemplating buying has an existing home alarm system or if you are considering having one of the security companies in Chicago install a system in your current home, there are a few things you may want to know.

An alarm system is made up of a host of components, which include:

* The control keypad
* A phone jack
* A transformer
* A battery
* The alarm, a bell or siren
* Window and door sensors

The system is rather straight forward; in a cupboard or closet which is convenient for the occupants of the house there will be a metal cabinet, this is the focal point for all the wires that emanate from the various sensors that guard the doors and selected windows of the home. In the event there is a power failure, the control box contains a stand-by battery, in this way the alarm is functional regardless of the circumstances, the systems run on low voltage controllers so the terminal box also includes a step down transformer.

The controller is located in the panel box; this is the brain of the system and is activated by a keypad in most cases. Once one of the people who live in the house arm the system it is instantly active, to deactivate it takes a password that once again, is only known to those who live in the home. When the door to the home is opened there is a predefined period of time, only seconds to enter the deactivation code, failure to enter the code will result in alarm activation. The fact that there has been a breach in security is picked up by the remote monitoring station and the information is instantly relayed to the local authorities.

There are also systems that provide the same level of security without any wires. Usually security companies in Chicago will offer a wireless systems to those people who may be thinking of moving or perhaps are tenants in a house or apartment. The wireless system can be installed without the need to drill any holes in the walls or ceilings and are rapidly becoming the more popular way of guarding your home. For more information visit the site alertprotective.com

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