Jan 6, 2014

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How Funeral Professionals Assist When Clients Choose Cremation For Groton Services

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to pre-plan their own funerals, and many choose cremation. This may be because of their beliefs, and some consider it an earth-friendly choice. When survivors select Cremation Groton-area funeral professionals often find that it is because the funeral will be held at a later time. Whatever the reason, experts, such as Mystic Funeral Home LLC, offer a range of important benefits that include:

TRANSPORTING THE BODY: Experts will pick up a body from the place of death, and transport it to a crematorium, or to their mortuary. They can also arrange to have it moved to another funeral home, or even shipped elsewhere.

PAPERWORK: Funeral professionals ensure that all necessary paperwork is complete. This may include hospital or medical examiner documents, and death certificates. They also consult with survivors, and advise them about the necessary steps to take for Social Security, Venterans’ benefits, insurance and more. Experts will order the correct number and type of death certificates. Professionals also place obituaries and will have printed media, such as cards or programs, printed.

PRE-PLANNING: Many people choose to plan their own services and cremation. Experts, such as the staff at Mystic Funeral Home LLC, are trained to offer caring help and design exactly the arrangements their clients want. This may include working within a budget, to plan the services, urn, and disposition of ashes. Many clients pay for their own funerals, to spare their loved ones the cost.

VIEWING: When they select Cremation Groton clients can still choose a traditional viewing and services. On request, funeral directors will embalm bodies, and arrange them in a ceremonial casket, and then hold a viewing. After services are complete, the deceased is transferred to a disposable container for embalming.

SERVICES: Funeral professionals can arrange a wide variety of services when a body is cremated. These can include direct cremation, in which they pick up the body and deliver it directly to a crematorium. They may still consult with the family, to arrange a memorial, grief counseling, or other services. They can design conventional services at churches, or in any location families choose.

Cremation is often chosen as an alternative to conventional burial, but it does not rule out traditional services. Funeral professionals provide a full range of services that allow clients or their families to plan any type of arrangements they want.

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