How Funeral Homes in Bel Air are Going Viral

In this technological age much internet content gets shared with hundreds and thousands of people. The reach of the internet is global, so people can connect with each other wherever they may be located. This increase in sharing is being cleverly used by Funeral Homes in Bel Air.

Online Information

Obituaries have been placed on funeral home websites for decades. People can discover friends or distant relatives have passed away and leave messages of condolences for surviving family members. An expansion of this concept is online memorials that can be posted on social media pages for all to view.

Tribute videos made with family collaboration can also be arranged and posted online. The funeral home staff help families choose pictures of the deceased, music for the background, and what memories to verbalize. Often created for memorial services, videos allow friends and family to share grief while celebrating the life of a loved one.

Covering Costs

Constantly rising end of life costs are a burden for average families. To alleviate the expenses, some Funeral Homes in Bel Air offer a service that encourages people to donate funds if they are able. It can be done securely online with the money going directly to the funeral home.

Funeral fund donations are an option in lieu of flowers or attendance at the service. This is a clever and easy way to shop support to the family and honor the memory of the person who died. Instead of taking a bus or plane to spend a few days with a grieving family, that money can be donated to help pay for substantial end of life costs.

Simple Forms for Pre-Planning

Pre-planning your funeral or cremation is as simple as filling out a few forms and making payments right online. The advantages of planning before death are locking in prices, avoiding fights among family, and having final wishes followed. Depending on the circumstances, payments can be made on a regular basis, so planning is affordable and convenient.

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