How Family Care Services Can Help Your Loved One in Sebastian, FL

Do you have a family member who is struggling with aging, dementia, mental illness, or other disabilities? Family care is a type of home health care that focuses on helping your loved one live independently at home for as long as possible. An individualized plan including professional services and family support is developed for each patient. Here are three ways family care services in Sebastian, FL can help your loved one.

Family and Patient Play an Active Role

Unlike traditional home or residential care, family care allows everyone to play an active role and have a say in their loved one’s care, including the patient. Your loved one’s care team will have a meeting in the home to discuss their needs and determine which services best support their long-term care goals.

Support Provided by a Team of Professionals

When you choose family care services in Sebastian, FL, you get a team of professionals to work with you and your loved ones and manage their changing care needs. A care team typically includes a case manager or social worker, a registered nurse, and home health nurses or companions.

Patients Receive Services Where They Live

The main benefit of family services is allowing the patient to stay in their own home or family home for as long as possible. Nursing homes can be unaffordable for many families, and family members often object to their loved ones being placed in residential care.

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