How Each Segment of the Food System Should Approach Advertising

Agriculture advertisement can be an effective way of raising awareness, and getting the word out, about fresh-grown food products. However, the food industry is a broad one and consists of many different types of businesses. This includes everything from the farmers that grow the food to the grocery store that sells it.

Knowing the audience is one of the core necessities of agriculture advertisement. This is why it’s important to note the difference in food businesses and how their advertising approach should differ.

Commodities and Wholesalers

Farmers that grow the product from the ground need somewhere to sell these raw goods. Growers typically find themselves advertising and marketing their food to distributors and food marketers, who have the resources to bring them to market.

Farmers will want to highlight the quality of their food products and other reasons why they would make a good partner.

Direct-To-Consumer Operations

Food markets and U-pick farms sell directly to consumers. This means that they will be targeting their advertising and marketing efforts directly to the general consumer – typically one that lives within a given geographical radius.

Advertising general information such as hours of operations and directions can enhance foot traffic to these destinations.


Grocery store shelves serve as the final stop for food. Similar to food markets, grocery stores and other retailers must tailor their message to the general consumer. Highlighting special deals, a uniqueness in the selection and a positive shopping experience can be an effective way to attract customers.

From print advertising to social media marketing, agriculture advertisement comes in many forms. But, before any of that, it’s vital to identify the goal that a business is looking to achieve.

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