How Drivers Find the Best Cheap Parking in Downtown Seattle, WA

Parking in downtown Seattle requires some planning. Whether one is coming into the city for an event or planning a lengthy stay, finding cheap parking in downtown Seattle is a priority. Here are some tips to find make parking more affordable and a lot less stressful.

Is There Free Parking in the City?

Free parking in Seattle is available, but on a busy day, it can be nearly impossible to find. Many streets have parking restrictions to make it easier for residents to park and not compete with commuters, tourists, or day visitors.

Garage Parking Is the Cheapest Route

When free isn’t an option, the next best thing is garage parking. Parking garage rates range from $5 – $35 per day. Peak times garner a higher parking rate as well as the garage’s location. Prime locations charge higher daily rates. The cheapest rates tend to be for uncovered parking in garages in less desirable locations.

Plan to Park

Sometimes trips into the city are spontaneous. But if one has a trip planned, it pays to reserve parking. Popular locations fill up quickly but can be reserved hours, days, and weeks in advance. Drivers choose their desired location and see their available options for the dates and times selected. Pricing fluctuates depending on the day, time, and whether or not there’s an event happening. Drivers who have more flexibility find the cheapest rates.

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