How Does Invisalign Chicago Treatment Work?

Adults who want to enjoy straighter smiles will find there are a number of orthodontic treatments available to them that lessen the potential embarrassment of wearing braces while offering an effective solution. Invisalign Chicago treatments are one such distinctly adult option. Many people, however, aren’t completely sure how this choice works.

What Is Invialign?

Invisalign in Chicago is a unique orthodontic appliance that is completely clear, removable and very comfortable. Unlike traditional braces that rely on metal to realign the teeth and correct smiles, this solution uses plastic aligners that fit over the teeth. These aligners are extremely difficult to spot, which means adults can wear them and smile confidently in the process.

How Do These Clear Aligners Work?

Invisalign Chicago aligners are made with 3D computer imaging technology to perfectly fit the needs of an individual’s mouth. The end result is a series of aligners that are worn, one at a time, for the course of several weeks. As adjustments are made to the teeth, a new aligner is used. Basically, it’s a stair step method that provides a continuous path from point A to point B.

As each aligner is replaced, the teeth are straightened slightly into a new positon. Once the final alignment is made, the braces are no longer needed. This type of treatment typically takes about nine to 15 months to complete, depending on the case in question. Most people go through about 18 to 30 separate aligners during the straightening process.

Advantages of Invisalign

Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages, Invisalign aligners provide a number of benefits over traditional braces. This type of aligner is meant to be taken off and replaced over the course of treatment. It can also be removed completely for eating and for dental hygiene. That means there’s no concern about avoiding favorite foods. It also means there’s no worry about food and other particles getting stuck in the teeth and braces during treatment. They simply provide adults a more comfortable alternative that produces the desired result.

If it’s time to look into Invisalign Chicago treatment, Lippitz Orthodontics is here to assist. Our team of professionals can help assess your situation and provide advice on the best alignment option for your case.

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