Nov 30, 2018

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How Does a Gas Fireplace Work?

How Does a Gas Fireplace Work?

A modern gas fireplace functions in part through the use of an existing chimney or vent that channels air to the outside. These units operate inside of a combustion and exhaust system that produces highly efficient and safe heating for everyone in the room. Although these fireplaces have advanced significantly from the old wood-burning units of the past, they do offer a distinct and in some ways, similar appeal. However, the old-style wood fireplaces required a significant amount of maintenance and cleanup work as compared to these modern units. Modern gas fireplaces require minimal to zero cleanup on a consistent basis.

Vented Gas Fireplace Operation

Vented gas fireplaces take advantage of the outside air in their combustion processes and remove combustion exhaust and other hazardous byproducts to the outside air. Fresh air is brought in from the outside through the operation of a sealed combustion chamber. These units favor gases outside of the home living environment. This is achieved through a double wall venting system that prevents the mixing of the indoor air with unhealthy toxic gases.

Many direct vent fireplaces include logs that allow you to enjoy the glowing warmth and visual appeal of a traditional wood-burning fireplace without the cleanup associated with those old wood burning units. The ceramic logs have superb insulation properties and can conceal heat and transfer it into a room in a highly efficient manner.

Starting Your Fireplace

To begin the operation of these modern fireplaces you can simply flip a switch or press a button and the fire starts to burn and fill your room up with warm, cozy heat. Many of these units also, if a wireless remote you can use to turn the unit offer on at your convenience.

When a power outage occurs, many gas fireplace units can operate without electricity. This includes everything except the operation of the blower and other accessories. Regular batteries along with the self-generating millivolt system can turn the burner flame on.

Many of these units include vent system comprising vent pipes that are either rigid or flexible. By using flexible vents, right you can efficiently maneuver the passageway for the exhaust as necessary around obstacles in the wall such as joists, beams, and wall supports.

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