How Do You Know When It’s Time to Get Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZ?

Drivers have various levels of knowledge when it comes to their automobiles. You may be a beginner or a new driver, and you might not know how to sense when a problem exists in your vehicle. These are three signs that will let you know it’s time for auto repair in Phoenix, AZ:


Seeing colored smoke coming from your exhaust pipe is a huge indication that you need an auto repair in Phoenix, AZ. You should never see white smoke unless it’s cold outside and you’ve just started the vehicle. Other than that, consistent white smoke indicates that you may have a blown head gasket or more serious issue. Black or blue smoke indicates that you might have an internal oil or fuel issue that needs attention right away.

Strange Sounds

It’s time to take your automobile to a mechanic if you hear strange sounds coming from under the hood. A squealing sound might mean that you need a new drive belt, power steering fluid, or something else. Loud tapping indicates that you might have an issue with the valves. A scary loud tap means that someone might have to look at the lower part of your engine.

A Significant Loss of Power

As you drive your car, you’ll become more familiar with the level of power it can achieve when it is running at its best. You might have to go ahead and take it in for servicing if you notice a significant loss of power from what you’re used to seeing it produce. It can be a number of issues that will vary in price to have corrected.

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