How Do Window Blinds Interact With Heat and Light Entering the Window?

You’ve just completed your home’s remodel and are in the process of choosing window treatments. The next step is to choose the type, style, and color of your Madison window blinds. Perhaps you’d like to know how blinds interact with heat and light entering windows so that you can make the right choice for your home. Read on to learn more.


Have you ever taken down your window treatments for cleaning? You probably noticed how hot the room became despite the air conditioning. That’s because heat and cold will do anything to get to each other. If you took the window treatments down during the winter, you likely discovered that the space around the windows was not as cold.

If you’ve installed new windows in your remodel, then they’ll be properly sealed and energy efficient. Your new Madison window blinds won’t need to work too hard to keep out the heat but should still help to adjust the level of incoming light.


Blinds have two slat positions – up and down. When the slats are slightly open and pointing downward, the slat reflects the light back at the sun, although some light and heat enter the room. If your goal is to allow light in but not heat, then choose blinds with slats that open upward.

Slats that open upward reflect the sun’s light and heat back outside. The open space allows as much light as you want to enter the room. The partial opening of the slats lets you see outside, but no one can see inside.

If you’re concerned about light entering the room from the sides of the blinds, then you can install the blinds inside the window frame. This also aids in retaining the heat and cool air in a room, since the air can’t get around the blinds to escape outside.

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