How Do the Periodontists in The Loop Treat Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a gum condition that can affect the health of the gums and cause massive damage. If a person is suffering with periodontal disease, it is crucial they see the periodontists in the Loop as soon as possible. If treatment is avoided, this can lead to pronounced damage and eventual tooth loss. This is why it is imperative a person fully understands the signs to look for when they have periodontal disease so they will know when to contact the dentist for an appointment.

When gum disease first begins, it does not exhibit many symptoms. Often, people overlook the symptoms until their condition worsens. When disease is beginning, it will cause redness, swelling and irritation in the gums. As the condition progresses it turns to periodontal disease, where it can cause major problems with the health of the gums.

When periodontal disease is present in the gums, pain and infection set in. Pockets of infection will begin to develop around the teeth, causing the roots of the teeth to become exposed. When this happens, the body begins fighting against the infection and inadvertently attacks the soft supporting tissues of the teeth instead. As periodontal disease continues, this can cause massive loosening of the teeth and tooth loss.

To treat periodontal disease, the periodontists in the Loop will first treat the patient with strong antibiotics. This helps to begin bringing down the infection levels. It takes time for these types of infections to be brought under control. Antibiotics may need to be taken for weeks until the infection is completely cleared.

As the infection is decreased, the dentist will work to lessen the damage done to the gum tissue. This is often done through laser gum surgery, which reduces inflammation and removes infected gum tissue.

If you are suffering with periodontal disease and are in need of dental care services, contact the office of Art of Modern Dentistry. Through their many dental services, you can rest assured your smile will be healthy and strong. Call today for your appointment so you can learn more about how your condition can be treated.

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