How Do Students Struggling with Education Benefit From MTSS Education

Does your child struggle with schooling? Students struggling with their education become anxious and depressed. Struggling students can perform better by studying MTSS education format and SEL (Social-empowering learning). Below are the benefits of obtaining MTSS for struggling students from a customized platform.

Targeted Support

Multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) is designed to enable early identification of struggling students and intervene quickly by giving targeted support. MTSS framework focuses on all aspects of a child by supporting growth in academic and other areas. The model also addresses absenteeism and social, emotional, and behavioral needs. A huge part of MTSS comprises tiers of support. The intensity increases with levels such as progressing from small group intervention to one-on-one assistance.

Structured Lessons

Low motivation among struggling students causes them to fall behind and find it harder to catch up. A platform integrating MTSS and SEL approaches has daily structure and support programs to help students gain self-direction and improve resilience. The growth they achieve in small steps every day turns into results with the potential to last their lifetime.

Tier 1 SEL curriculum tailored to students’ needs builds a foundation of skills to help achieve success in school and life. Tier 2 has trained instructors for 1:1 student coaching on a spontaneous online platform. Those who progress to tier 3 engage in individual lessons or group work that allocates more time to general education classes.


An MTSS education system is tailored to suit students of all academic levels. Providers integrate it with SEL aspects that support elementary to college level students. It is also an affordable data-driven solution that students can access from online portals.

Call for More Details

EmpowerU provides personalized coaching through personalized lessons pairing brain research and technology to empower the growth of struggling students. It has a superior understanding of MTSS and SEL. Call (844)795-6533 to get more information.

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