How different is CBAP V3 from CBAP V2?

Difference in CBAP V3 from CBAP V2: Constant query of our Participants from Oct 2016

I had prepared for CBAP on BABoK V2 but could not appear for the test and now I see that there is a new version being released by IIBA. How do I prepare for the new curriculum?

I had taken training in CBAP on v2 but I see that IIBA has come up with a new standard and the curriculum including the exam pattern has completely changed, will my training and PD hours be still valid?

I had taken training in CBAP on v2 and have 21 PDU from the training but now CBAP requires 35 PDU how do I obtain the extra 14 PDUs?

How is the new pattern of exams going to affect my preparations, I have been preparing for CBAP v2 but could not take the exams?

These are some of the regular questions that have been coming from certification seekers world wide after the CBAP certification exam curriculum change has happened in Oct 2016.

Many had prepared for V2 but for some reason could not take the CBAP Certification exam before Sep 2016.

Most common questions asked are:

  1. Will my CBAP® V2 training be good enough for CBAP® V3?
  2. Will my application be still valid?
  3. Will the preparations be similar to V2?
  4. How should my preparation be different?

Let me answer this question based on our interactions with IIBA®.

Aspects, those are same as before;

The good part is many aspects do remain same between CBAP® V2 and CBAP® V3. Here are the key ones:

  1. Work experience requirements remain same.
  2. Reference requirements remain same.
  3. Fees remain same
  4. Time allotted for the examination remains same.
  5. Exam mode remains same (i.e. Prometric).

Aspects, those have changed;

However, there are many significant changes in the examination content and pattern. The key ones are:

  • CBAP® V3 is based on BABoK V3 where as CBAP® V2 was based on BABoK V2.
  • BABoK V3 is significantly changed over BABoK V2.
  • There is an addition of 16 new techniques on v3 and there is some amount of rewording for the techniques which have been continued
  • Content has been revised upwards by 100%
  • Given the amount of change in BABoK V3 and the change in question pattern, it is essential that one goes through a workshop aligned to BABoK V3.
  • CBAP® V3 requires 35 hours of PDUs against the requirement of 21 of PD hours in CBAP® V2. This clearly means training workshops which offered 21 PDUs for V2 won’t suffice. The point is not only about the PD hours, the objective is to get certified on the new scheme. Hence even if one organizes the extra 14 PD hours it would not help if the person is not trained on the new certification and questions pattern.
  • Given the increase in volume and complexity, we recommend another 100% preparation time for CBAP® V3 against CBAP® V2.
  • A good number to look at will be 150- 200 hours depending on what one should be spending on preparing for CBAP® V3.
  • Question pattern for CBAP® V3 is significantly changed from CBAP® V2 question pattern.

In CBAP® V2, there were 150 questions, majority (approx. being 80%) being scenario based questions and 20% definition oriented questions.

Case based questions are newly introduced in CBAP® V3.

In CBAP® V3, there are only 120 questions. Each case is around 1 to 2 pages long and likely to have 4 to 6 questions per case.

Of the 120 questions in CBAP® V3, around 40 to 50 questions (approx. 35% to 40%) are likely to be case based and rest 70 to 80 questions (approx.60 to 65%) are likely to be scenario based.

If one is looking for CBAP® V3 simulators, make sure that the CBAP® V3 simulator provides you with good number of case based questions.

If you would like to undergo CBAP® V3 training, my organization, Adaptive Processes provides CBAP® V3 workshops with success guarantee.

Our CBAP® V3 simulator provides 1800+ CBAP model questions with 6 full length simulators.

Happy reading and have a wonderful day and do provide your suggestions and comments.

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