How Dentists in Smithfield RI Perform an Initial Dental Visit

A primary way to improve overall health and enhance physical appearance is to visit a dentist on a regular basis. To get started on positive dental health, choose a dentist for preventive and restorative treatments. The first step in dental care is an initial visit. Patients can have a calmer and more productive visit by learning what to expect from a first-time visi with their respective dentists in Smithfield RI. The following details will give more insight into an initial visit with a dentist.

The Health History Discussion

Before work is done on a patient’s mouth, a dentist talks to a patient about the patient’s medical and dental histories. This is the time for a patient to disclose all past and current medical problems. It’s also the time to relay information about family medical history. Many medical problems such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis can lead to dental problems. Also, it’s imperative to tell the dentist all medications being taken. Some medications such as steroids and high blood pressure medications can break down dental tissue. For this reason, ensure that all health history forms are completed fully.

The Assessment

After the histories of a patient’s dental and medical health is discussed, a dentist checks the patient’s mouth. This includes the areas surrounding the mouth including the jawbone, lymph nodes, and temporomandibular joint. A dentist will view the soft tissues and teeth of the mouth to evaluate their current condition. Tooth loss, tooth decay, and other problems will be noted. Also, a dental expert will check for abnormal colors, skin textures, and odors. These can be signs of dental decay. A dentist may order clinical tests such as X-rays to better view the internal parts of a patient’s mouth. In addition, other tests such as an oral cancer screenings are often performed.

By understanding the basic elements of an initial visit with a dentist, a patient can do his part to help with the testing. This helps the dentist form accurate diagnoses so a patient can enjoy greater dental health. For information on dental services, please view the website of Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates to schedule an appointment with one of the experienced Dentists in Smithfield RI.

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