Jan 22, 2014

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How Caribbean Wedding Planners Can Give You the Perfect Destination Wedding

Although a bride-to-be may be knowledgeable enough to plan a wedding in her hometown, planning a Caribbean destination wedding can be downright difficult. Currency exchanges, complicated paperwork and a lack of professional contacts can make pulling off a do-it-yourself destination wedding nearly impossible. This is where Caribbean Wedding Planners can help. Their knowledge of local venues and local pricing norms for vendors and entertainment can help brides get the wedding they’ve always dreamed of–at a price they can afford. Below are some of the key ways a Caribbean wedding planner can make your celebration a success.

They Will Help You Budget

Budgeting for a wedding can be difficult under any circumstances, but the unfamiliar currency exchange and pricing structure of goods and services on Caribbean islands can make money matters very difficult. A good wedding planner who’s familiar with the islands will be able to guide you through the budgeting process. She’ll be well aware of what’s a good deal and what vendors and venues are overcharging. Caribbean Wedding Planners can help satisfy your expectations without sending you home with months of debt ahead of you.

They Know Venues and Vendors

Unlike cities in the U.S., many small Caribbean islands only have a few top-notch wedding venues. A good wedding planner will have worked closely with them in the past, and she’ll be better equipped to secure you a high-quality venue that’s within your price range. Since planners have seen the different resorts up-close and personal, they can guide you toward a venue that lives up to its promises. Otherwise, you might have to trust brochures or web pages to select your venue, and claims in advertising can be misleading, exaggerated or downright fraudulent. Ditto for caterers, bands and florists.

They Can Assist You With Paperwork

Getting married on a Caribbean island requires extra paperwork that can be quite complicated depending on your circumstances and destination. A wedding planner can help guide you through the marriage license paperwork process and make sure that everything is completed properly so you won’t have problems when you get back home. A planner can also handle your contracts with venues and vendors so you can be sure you’re being treated fairly.

If you want your dream Caribbean wedding to be hassle-free and beautiful, consider hiring a wedding planner who’s had experience with your destination. A good wedding planner can ensure your special days is one you’ll never forget.

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