How Can You See the Best of Tin City in Naples?

Things to Do In Naples

Naples, Florida, provides an unusual waterfront experience because of its combined exposure to both the Cocohatchee River and the Venetian Bay. Naples’ stunning beauty is sure to strike you whether dining on fresh seafood, shopping for exquisite trinkets along the beach, or enjoying a romantic cruise down the river with your beloved.

Waterfront Dining

Several restaurants on the bay offer tiered dining as well as outdoor seating. You can often enjoy a casual ambiance amidst the opulence of beach living. Crabs are among the most popular choices, but cafes easily accommodate any desire for ice cream, coffee, or sandwiches.

Luxurious Shopping

When you visit a plush vacation site, your priority may be souvenirs. Naples offers much more than the typical postcard or classic shot glass, including great wine, fine jewelry, trendy beachwear, and fragrant soaps and scented candles. Visiting a mall in Naples Fl allows you to escape from the heat of the day as more than a hundred indoor stores and a food court provide name brand shopping and air-conditioning.

Tours On the Water

Boating cruises in Naples offer as much variety as the shopping. Some yachts glide effortlessly and smoothly across miles of open water, providing relaxation. You can take a dinner cruise or go out and quietly view the sunset. Other tours seek dolphins and various marine life in their natural habitats. Still, other tours offer fishing adventures.

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