Sep 21, 2017

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How Can You Know If You Need House Foundation Repair in Fairfax VA?

How Can You Know If You Need House Foundation Repair in Fairfax VA?

Foundation repair issues can arise over a period of time or seem to happen in a short amount of time, depending on soil and weather conditions. Certain types of soil are more prone to cause foundation issues than others. Being able to recognize the signs of foundation issues is vital so a homeowner can seek house foundation repair in Fairfax VA.

Signs of Impending Foundation Problems

It is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs of foundation problems so they can seek immediate House Foundation Repair in Fairfax VA. If prompt repairs are not sought, significant damage could be done. Foundation issues can also lead to a home being dangerous to inhabit.

1. Cracks in the brick cladding could mean the footing has become sunken. Homeowners will see stairstep cracks running through the mortar joints and fracturing of the bricks.

2. If there is routinely standing water in the crawl space of a home, this means there are likely foundation issues that need to be addressed right away.

3. Although this is not always a sign of foundation issues, creaky floors that bounce when they are walked on can be a sign of a failing foundation.

4. Doors and windows that are malfunctioning and becoming stuck on a regular basis could signal foundation problems.

5. Cracks in interior walls may run vertically down the wall or diagonally from the corners of doors and window casings.

6. Poor indoor air quality is a surprising sign of possible foundation issues. When the crawlspace has been compromised, this can cause an influx of allergy symptoms in the home.

Prompt Foundation Repairs are Vital

If a homeowner waits too long, their entire foundation could end up crumbling and sinking. The moment issues are noticed, it is imperative a homeowner seeks the professionals for repairs. The longer a homeowner waits, the more damage and the greater expense of repairs.

Homeowners who are experiencing signs of problems with their foundation are urged to contact Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc. They are the foundation professionals homeowners can rely on to ensure their foundation is solid and protective of their home. Call today for your appointment so your foundation can be inspected.

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