Nov 23, 2017

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How Can an Accurate People Count Change How You Do Business?

There are a lot of variables that go into how successful your business is, including having the accurate “people count” information. Knowing how many people are moving through your store at any given time is very valuable information. You can get a lot of questions answered in real time by having people count abilities on board in your retail location. It can be one of the best moves you make for marketing your business.

You Already do it Online!

Marketing focus online is tremendous, many companies turn to the online forum to market their business, which of course should be a part of your marketing package. When you consider what you do to manage your online marketing and to see what is working, it is easy to see how important it is to apply the same techniques in your brick and mortar location. One of the most critical aspects of online marketing is being able to see how much “traffic” a campaign is bringing in. The same is true of your retail location. Gathering audience information is critical to growth.

The Data

The data that you collect from counting people is vital. You can have a wide range of questions answered about your demographic with the right counting solution:

  • What day/time of day are people shopping?

  • How long are they lingering at your sales?

  • How many people are walking past your store and not stopping?

  • Are they responding to your marketing techniques?

All the above information can be gathered with the right people counting technology. It is important to know if your store is open the right hours, the right days, if your sales are bringing them in when you expect. There is a wealth of information that can be gathered that can change how you do business. knowledge is truly power when it comes to how you operate your business, says the owner of LePerv Landscape in San Diego, CA. You can use the information for:

  • Staffing

  • Planning

  • Inventory stocking

  • Marketing strategies

  • Cost cutting activities

There is a wealth of information that is walking through your store every day that you could be using to improve how you do business and how you reach out to your customer base. Count Wise is the solution you need to get the people count that will help to grow your business. Simple solutions to help you grow are the best solutions that you can choose.

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