How Can a Primary Care Doctor Help Parents with Teething Children?

One of the many milestones babies experience is teething. This is a developmental stage in their lives that allows their teeth to cut through their gums. It’s so important because budding teeth help their mouths develop, kickstart their dental journey and allow them to enjoy new nutritional foods as they begin to mature into toddlers. A primary care doctor in San Diego can help parents with these helpful tips for teething babies.

How Can Parents Help Ease Teething Pains?

Gums are extremely sensitive, especially as a baby. As a parent, you’ll automatically want to ease their pain when they are teething. Here are a few tips from a local primary care doctor in San Diego:

Wipe your baby’s face often to keep them dry and prevent rashes around the mouth. Teething causes babies to drool more than normal.
It helps for the baby to have something soothing to chew on like a teething ring or a plush toy with something crunchy on the inside.
Massage your baby’s gums with a clean finger to ease their pain.
Ask your local pediatrician about pain medication if your baby is irritable.

What Happens When the First Tooth Develops?

Although a primary care doctor in San Diego may not be able to assist with teeth directly, they can always work one-on-one with parents to find the perfect pediatric dentist for their little ones. It’s also important your pediatric doctor stays up to date with your child’s dental records to make sure their dental health isn’t negatively affecting the rest of their health as well.

Is your child teething or experiencing any other medical issues? Be sure to contact your local primary care doctor in San Diego at Children’s Physicians Network as soon as possible!

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