Oct 8, 2013

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How Bottle Filling Equipment has Shaped the Manufacturing Industry

In these modern times, it is seldom to envision the comforts enjoyed through conveniently packaged products. Take the bottle for instance, it is used to pack a whole range of products. It could be a soda, water, beer, bathing shampoo or liquid washing detergent. Few people know about the bottle filling equipment used to put these products at everyone’s reach. There is also a good reason as to why the bottle has been the preferred mode of packaging. Marketers and consumer research organizations have come to the conclusion that this is what the consumers want.

 Here’s a look at how filling machines have brought a revolution in manufacturing:

  • Thanks to modernized bottle filling equipment, manufacturers are able to do huge production runs by the hour. Without automation, this could not have been achieved. Look at the products in the supermarket and also think about the hundreds of companies that have benefited from filling machines installed in their factories. At the mere push of a button hundreds of bottles get filled and await delivery to the consumer.

  • Filling machines operate on an automatic basis with little human intervention. This leads to cost savings on the manufacturer’s part. Such companies do not have to hire additional laborers and incur a lot of cost by way of salaries and benefits. The same advantage is then passed on to consumers in the form of reduced product cost.

  • Bottle filling equipment is consistent. Unlike a manual process where packaging may have to be interrupted, filling machines need only to be programed. From here they operate continuously until the run is brought to a halt. The quantity required is pre-set leaving little or no room for error as compared to manual systems where miscalculations occur every time.

  • Consumer demands drive the manufacturing industry. Customers want their products clean and well packaged. They also want them as quickly as is possible. In order to catch up with these requirements and changing trends, companies have had no choice but to adjust. They have to modernize their plants in order to increase efficiency and quality. Procurement and installation of bottle filling equipmentis part of this shift in priorities. Companies that do not modernize face the threat of being phased out of the competition.

Filling machines are very practical in every sense. The production process moves faster. The element of error is eliminated as chances of product contamination due to oversight are almost non-existent. The entire process is monitored via sophisticated computer software. In case there is a technical problem, the system raises a red flag and triggers a shut down. There is no product spillage which is a good thing as it minimizes loss. The automation process creates better employment opportunities for people who are better trained. For more information, visit the website Fillingequipment.com.

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