Oct 25, 2013

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How And Why To Bundle And Save On Insurance In Honesdale, PA

It is no secret that a major topic on everyone’s mind is in regards to insurance. Whether you have questions about home insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance it seems like there are changes going on in the insurance industry. This is why it is important to have a local agent in which you can talk about your concerns about Insurance in Honesdale, PA.

Some consumers abide by the rule that you only do one transaction with a business. An example of this is if you have want to buy a car you only buy through a dealership. You get your insurance and trade-in value through another vendor. While in some cases this is a good rule to follow, there are times where this is a not a good rule.

For instance, when you bundle your Insurance in Honesdale, PA you can save money. The people at Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group can guide you in other purchases that may help you save money. An insurance agent can look at the whole of your portfolio and tell you where you can save money.

Have you ever considered that if you spend a little more on your car insurance you could save on your home insurance? There are some companies now that will not insure your home unless you have a car. If you have had your insurance with two different agencies in the past, it may save you money to combine and get a discounted rate.

On the other hand, there are specialized insurance premiums such as a recreational vehicle such as a motorcycle, 5th wheel or even a sports car that may make buying additional insurance through another company necessary. A regular home insurance plan will not be able to cover any losses when a race car has been damaged or stolen. Only your local insurance agent will be able to tell you the best route for saving money and keeping your insurance up to date.

For some, insurance is not a necessity because they do not have a lot to insure. For others, the purchase of an item may be determined by how much a premium or bulk rate package could be increased. Only an agent can look at your entire portfolio.

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